Content production and image campaign for Lotery Romande, the Franco-Swiss lottery. The vision was to show a bunch of golden objects associated with lottery and acquisition, both staged as still and motion images.

The briefing said:

‘Immerse the viewer into a world of luxury by displaying different successive waves of gilded objects in concentric circles.’

Client: Loterie Romande
Agency: Franz & Rene
Art Direction: Franz & Rene
Illustration & Motion Design: ATELIER MARTINI
Production: Analog/Digital

The camera movement is set to follow a continuous path in time-space, crossing four sets of gold-textured objects evenly distributed on rotating rings.

Motion picture specifications:
- 10s
- Full HD
  Standard 16:9 & 9:16, 2k


1. Castle Key
2. Baroque Sofa
3. Flamingo float
4. Knocker (Lion’s head)
5. Star
6. Violin
7. Steering wheel
8. Golf ball
9. Opera Glasses
10. Camera Reflex
11. Plate

12. High Heel Shoes
13. Handbag
14. Masculin Watch
15. Masculin Bow Tie
16. Ring
17. Lipstick
18. Palm Leaves
19. Luggage
20. Airplane
21. Gold Dust
22. Sunscreen

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