atelier MARTINI
c/o Andreas Martini

Rothenburger Strasse 13
06193 Wettin-Löbejün

+49 34607 one 80 280
+49 163 seven seven 444 67

e-mail: andreas(at)martini(dot)works

vat id: DE305407218

atelier MARTINI was founded in 2005 by Andreas Martini, diploma 3D-CG & architectural designer.

established as a small but solid creative studio for 3D-CG imagery focusing on conceptual illustrations, digital sculpture and creative visualization, the studios talent, experience and excellence is available for worldwide commissions and collaborations.

The studios collaborative work has been set on an international range with favorable commissions from clients such as Arctic Paper, Apple, Daimler Benz, IBM, Nike and TIME Inc. among others.