A playful but investigative project in collaboration with a graceful Honia Wojtkowską and avantgard photographer Pszemek Dzienis about digital imagery and photo manipulation upon the human form.

We aimed for the borderline between beautiful and mystical gestures and a subtle but disturbing photo enhancement - both on a superior technical and aesthetical level.

Model: Honorata Wojtkowska / Andrews Models

Photographer: Pszemek Dzienis

3D/CG: Atelier Martini

Styling: Michał Koszek / Van Dorsen Talents
Make Up: Polka Dźwigała
Hair: Gor Duran / AF Photo
Photographer Assistant & Retouch: Wojtek Gardaś
Retouch: Tomasz Szymula

Agency/Production: Photoby - Analog/Digital, Warsaw

Studio for 3D Design & Direction  -
since 2007

Rothenburger Strasse 13
06193 Wettin OT Dobis

T +49 34607 180 280
M +49 163 77 444 67


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