Still Drawings


"I'm very careful not to have ideas, because they're inaccurate."
Agnes Martin

Scanned drawings, staged as 3D/CG still-lifes / sponsored R & D work

abstract, contemplative and virtual from afar, these works are made as sensual still-lifes that conserve concrete experiences of sight and touch. the messaging potentiality is what the word 'virtual' essentially means: to act in effect or essence. these drawings conceptually lay between the real-made and the abstracted, between the tactile sensation of drawing on pieces of paper and the experience of the works viewed as a screened rendering.

'to make something that looks like itself', the artist Richard Tuttle once said about his work. so here I go drawing and virtually staging my drawings... as drawings essentially.

set 01

set 02

“Limit everything to the essential, but do not remove the poetry.”
~Dieter Rams

“Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings.”
~Agnes Martin
“Not to show the real world, but the world how it really is.”
~Kurt Weiler
“Everything we see is light.”
~Paul Cezanne
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