Still Drawings


"I'm very careful not to have ideas, because they're inaccurate."
Agnes Martin

Scanned drawings, staged as 3D/CG still-lifes / sponsored R & D work

commercially working as a 3D/CG designer and content creator, I never stopped doing (fine art) drawings since childhood. regularly switching between creative routines, 'the virtual and the real', constructing representative digital forms for clients and myself and always being attracted by the sheer joy of sensual experience of real paper and color pigments.

abstract, contemplative and virtual from afar, these works are made as sensual still-lifes that conserve concrete experiences of sight and touch. the messaging potentiality is what the word 'virtual' essentially means: to act in effect or essence. these drawings conceptually lay between the real-made and the abstracted, between the tactile sensation of drawing on pieces of paper and the experience of the works viewed as a screened rendering.

'to make something that looks like itself', the artist Richard Tuttle once said about his work. so here I go drawing and virtually staging my drawings... as drawings essentially.

“Everything we see is light.”
~Paul Cezanne

“Limit everything to the essential,
but do not remove the poetry.” 
~Dieter Rams

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