A playful but investigative project in collaboration with a graceful Honia Wojtkowską and avantgard photographer Pszemek Dzieni about digital imagery and photo manipulation upon the human form.

In here we aimed for the borderline between beautiful and mystical drama and a subtle but disturbing photo enhancement - both on a superior technical and aesthetical level.

Model: Honorata Wojtkowska / Andrews Models
Photographer: Pszemek Dzienis
3D/CG: atelier MARTINI
Styling: Michał Koszek / Van Dorsen Talents
Make Up: Polka Dźwigała

Hair: Gor Duran / AF Photo
Photographer Assistant & Retouch: Wojtek Gardaś
Retouch: Tomasz Szymula

Agency/Production: Photoby - Analog/Digital, Warsaw

“Limit everything to the essential, but do not remove the poetry.”
~Dieter Rams

“Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings.”
~Agnes Martin

“Not to show the real world, but the world how it really is.”
~Kurt Weiler

“Everything we see is light.”
~Paul Cezanne

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